I've made my living working many jobs, landing educational fellowships with amazing organizations, receiving grants for project proposals, and pooling resources that require relying on multiple skills at once. 

I like change, and I love learning. I'm a multidisciplinary artist who enjoys the variety of developing many projects at once, but am fully dedicated to a task if it has a worthy cause, or ignites more than one part of my brain.
I love challenges. I view a task as a puzzle, and find the process of solving it very rewarding.

I'm  an enthusiastic individual activated by travel, human connections, humor, and learning opportunities. In the past I have partnered with such programs as the People First Project and Civilla of Detroit, where we worked to make spaces more beautiful, safe, collaborative, and enriching. 

I am currently accepting work in Salt Lake City Utah, Detroit Michigan, and Austin Texas.



GALLUP Strengths:





Photo by Jordan Duke