My parents had every intention of naming me Caroline; sweet, traditional, and reminiscent of a Kennedy--but when filling out the birth certificate at the hospital, my dad put the "o" too close to the "l" resembling a "d".
And thus, Cardine was (literally?) born; an unusual goof that embraces the unexpected. 
I've made my living working part time jobs, landing educational fellowships with amazing organizations, receiving grants for project proposals, and pooling resources that require relying on multiple skills at once. 
I like change, and I love learning. I'm a multidisciplinary artist who enjoys the variety of developing many projects at once, but am dedicated to a task if it has a worthy cause, or ignites more than one part of my brain.
I love challenges. I view a task as a puzzle, and find the process of solving it very rewarding.

I'm  an enthusiastic individual activated by travel, human connections, humor, and learning opportunities. Currently partnering with the People First Project of Detroit, I aim to make spaces more beautiful, safe, collaborative, and enriching. 

 My studio is located in the Cass Corridor.


And for those wondering, I do go by both Caroline and Cardine, but if if you're overwhelmed and don't want to choose: go with C.


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Majority of Photos on this site by Razi Jafri