A Short-Term Residency Program in Cass Corridor


Whether a local artist or someone with a curiosity about Detroit, the Kepler 16b Artist Loft is open for Short term residencies that include hands on projects, DIY skill building & problem solving, a series of optional personality tests and analysis, a basic overview of the Design Thinking process, and an inspiring new look at yourself as a creator and person. Artists leave with work to add to their portfolio, as well as a revamping of their resume with a local specialist. 

Develop skills in a crash course to gain new confidence in yourself and your talents, as you receive an immersive experience in the heart of the Motor City.  

3- Day, 5-Day and 7-Day sessions available.

 C Dunn applies the final layer of paint on her first mural.

C Dunn applies the final layer of paint on her first mural.


I am offering a mini-artist residency program out of my loft that is a loosely structured education and empowerment program for artists of all experience and ability levels.
I am inviting artists in for collaboration; to ideate, design, and carry out a large scale project-- all in the short time that you are living in the space. This program is open to artists just looking for a productive visit to Detroit, but is most advantageous to those who do not yet allow themselves to take their talents seriously.


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