What Is Kepler Films? by Caroline Kane

Born from an industrial loft in Cass Corridor, Detroit, the Kepler Film Fest humbly aims to make the lay man a filmmaker, the barista a screenwriter, and the average cellphone owner an everyman's Christopher Nolan.

Any and All are encouraged to participate, whether independently or in a group, submitting a home made film that was more fun to make than impressive to consume.
We believe the more fun the process was, the more fun it will be to watch. 

Seriously, anything that would score above a 50% on Rotten Tomatoes needs to graduate to a real film festival. We are here fuck around and have fun.

In Short:
Kepler Films is a DIY film festival of shitty (yet, certainly aspirational) home-made films.
Join Us.
We are not intimidating.